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How can I keep kids hydrated but sugar free?

Rooibos holds the secret to healthy, tasty hydration

You need to keep the kids hydrated.  But you don’t want them glugging sodas and other drinks loaded with sugar, caffeine and other chemical nasties.  It’s a big dilemma for busy moms!

Looking for a smart solution?  Rooibos Rocks! 

Firstly, preparing a big jug of iced Rooibos Rocks is quick, easy and convenient - just keep it in the refrigerator till required.  Secondly, it’s naturally sweet so kids love the flavor.  Thirdly it has zero sugar – hard to believe when you taste it!  Finally, it has no caffeine to buzz them up and no artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives – in fact Rooibos Rocks is stuffed with beneficial minerals and antioxidants that are positively healthy. 

You can ring the changes with four delicious flavors - classic ruby red Natural Rooibos, fragrant Green Rooibos, spicy Chai Rooibos and Mountain Honeybush.  Buy our variety tin and let them choose their favorite.

Not sure how to prepare Rooibos Rocks iced tea?  It couldn’t be simpler – just steep teabags in boiling water for five minutes, allow to cool then place jug in refrigerator.  It’s also a great base for a wide variety of refreshing smoothies, alcohol free Rocktails and ice pops. 

Get your order in now before the hot weather really hits! 

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