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Rooibos tea is sugar free

How can you help your kids kick the soda habit?
  Rooibos to the rescue!

Does it drive you crazy that it’s so hard to find drinks for your kids that aren’t loaded with sugar and nasty stuff like caffeine and artificial sweeteners? … and that they will actually enjoy drinking?

We know that sodas and juices seem the most convenient option most of the time, and your kids love them. So, trying to switch them to something healthier is tough.  But there’s a surprisingly painless, tasty and effective solution – read on to discover how Rooibos holds the answer! 

What’s the problem?

Sodas and many flavored beverages, such as ready-made iced teas and cordials, have no nutritional value whatsoever.  And they are stuffed with sugar and sweeteners.  These provide strong stimulation for your brain’s reward system, which can lead to cravings.  However, these drinks have serious downsides. 

Sodas and many flavored beverages

They not only pile on the weight but studies have consistently shown that people who drink soda more frequently have a high risk of chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Sugary drinks can also lead to teeth decay and encourage acne. 

Some sodas, especially sports drinks, are high in caffeine.  Caffeine buzzes up our metabolism then creates a crash – not good for making kids easy to handle!  Diet sodas and fruit juices are not ideal.  The first have lots of artificial additives and the latter are sugar rich.

Sodas and many flavored beverages

Why is Rooibos so much better?

It’s naturally sweet so kids love it.  And it contains zero sugar!  It’s also caffeine-free.  Banishing those bad drinks for your home and family life will inevitably produce tantrums.  But if you simply replace them with tasty Rooibos based drinks you’ll solve the problem without causing ructions.

Rooibos good for kids

What’s more, the unique properties of Rooibos not only mean it’s harmless but positively beneficial – read more about this in our blog. 

Rooibos icedtea

Rooibos is so convenient and versatile

Rooibos is super quick to prepare – just add water!  And you can serve it so many different ways.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Iced Rooibos. Just brew up a big batch with boiling water and then keep a pitcher in the refrigerator or take it with you in a cooler chest.  
  • Non-alcoholic Iced Rooibos drinks. This recipe has a bit of sugar, but not too much! 
  • Cold brewed Rooibos. You can steep Rooibos teabags in cold water and leave for about an hour to produce a delicious refreshing drink. 
  • Sun brewed Rooibos. Steep Rooibos teabags in a glass jug and place it in the sunshine on your porch for about five hours then chill.
  • Hot Rooibos. Works well for kids that like their drinks hot (either with breakfast, last thing at night or during the winter)
  • Rooibos smoothies. The delicious and nutritious possibilities are endless.  Adding fruit means there’s a little sugar, but a fraction of the amount in sodas. Check out these recipes.  
  • Rooibos ice pops. This recipe uses peaches but it works with any fruit your family fancies. 


Rooibos is good for kids

Full of feel good factors for your family

So, Rooibos Rocks for moms that want to break any bad drinks habits that may have taken hold – it’s sugar free, caffeine-free and guilt free! 😍


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