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Rooibos, pronounced 'roy-boss', (red tea) has a unique, bold & sweet nutty taste that's refreshing with no bitter aftertaste. Our mission is to bring the very best Rooibos to market that's sustainably and ethically grown, while supporting the local indigenous farming families that grow and harvest it. Rooibos is only grown in the Cederberg Region of the Western Cape of South Africa. 


The Cederberg region is a global biodiversity hotspot and it's where our red tea grows naturally in harmony with its surroundings. More than 300 years ago, locals first discovered that the needle-like leaves of the Rooibos plant made a refreshing brew. and the rest they say is history. Since then, we can't get enough of the stuff, and today it is probably our nation's favourite drink. 


Rooibos Rocks Tea is 100% organic with no colourants, additives or preservatives.  It is calorie free, caffeine free and jam packed with antioxidants. Rooibos tea helps keep you calm and relaxed thus promoting restful sleep.  Rooibos is the perfect hydrating alternative to coffee and black & green tea, making it great for the young and the young at heart!  Enjoy as many cups as you like.

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100% Organic Loose Leaf Tea


Savor the Flavor with our gorgeous pouches of delicious Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea. 

Available in bulk 16oz and our new 8oz.

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100% Organic Tea Bags


Our Tea Bags have conveniently wrapped separate foil pouches to preserve freshness. 

Available in 40, 100 and 200 count boxes

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Rooibos Rocks Sampler Tea Tin

Rooibos Rocks Tea Sampler Variety 40 ct Tin - 4 Rooibos Tea Flavors to Savor

​Our Rooibos Rocks tea tin is crammed full of flavor. Enjoy 4 packs containing 10 teabags each of our naturally organic, caffeine-free tea in 4 delicious flavours: honeybush, classic ruby red Rooibos, fragrant Chai and light and earthy green rooibos.

Crammed full of the flavour you love, each keepsake tin contains 4 fresh seal packs of naturally organic, caffeine-free rooibos tea (with some new delicious flavours to delight).

With its unique and quirky design, our Rooibos Rocks tea tin is the perfect tea lovers’ gift that brings the heart of Africa to any kitchen.

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It Started With Love And A Crazy Idea

What is Rooibos Tea? Rooibos Rocks Red Bush Tea is as unique as the spirit of South Africa. That's why Founders Madeleine and Christopher want to tell the world about this amazing tea, by sharing its heritage in a fun, flavorful and typically South African way.

"After our first visit to South Africa on Honeymoon, we fell in love with its natural beauty and its people and we decided to make our new home here. Moving from the U.K. where a 'cuppa tea' is a way of life, we soon noticed everyone drinking this local favorite." Maddie, who was five months pregnant, gave this gorgeous caffeine free brew a try and the rest is history. Now the world is catching on to the rooibos tea health benefits.

At Rooibos Rocks we're as passionate about Rooibos Tea as we are about South Africa. As a family business, we want to tell the world about our lekker tea, and send a global shout out for our amazing country. Each cup of ruby red tea captures the essence of our unique nation, and its hard working spirit, where our people are passionate about life and nature. And because it's grown here, our tea is sustainably farmed to preserve precious water resources, while protecting our rich and biodiverse country. 

By choosing South African-grown rooibos tea, you're also helping support thousands of families for generations to come. Rooibos Rock is proudly South African, and salutes our great rooibos tea-drinking nation. 

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