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Rooibos Rocks the perfect cuppa

How to make the perfect Rooibos Rocks cuppa

If you’ve never brewed Rooibos tea before you might be wondering whether there is a particular process you need to follow.

It’s a good question – because Rooibos is pretty special and quite different from every other beverage on the planet. So it’s reasonable to assume there must be some special way to release the goodness. A secret method of preparation that allows the magic to happen. Some arcane ritual that has to be honored in order to summon the ancient Rooibos spirits!

Sorry to disappoint you (you’ve been watching too many Indiana Jones/Harry Potter movies!). The truth is there’s no mystique to it at all. The different stages (there aren’t very many!) are shown in this entertaining video we’ve created for you. But if you’d rather see them written down just read on.

Basically, you just need to steep the Rooibos in boiling water for a few minutes and all the wonderful flavors, antioxidants, and minerals will be released. But there are a few questions that we regularly get. So here are the answers.

Rooibos Rocks rocktails with Rooibos tea

Teabag or loose – do I brew differently?

The principle is the same – just immerse the bags (one per cuppa) or loose leaves in boiling water. If you are using loose tea, however, you’ll have to strain before drinking, so you should brew it in a pot. With tea bags, you can brew in a pot or a cup/mug and just pull the bag out before drinking. 

How long do I let it brew?

As a general rule about 5 minutes. But reduce this for a weaker brew or longer if you like it stronger and want to get more of the healthy antioxidants. Rooibos has less than half the amount of bitter tannins found in regular black tea so you can let it brew for a long time without the flavor becoming overpowering.

How much loose Rooibos do I need?

Same as for regular tea – one teaspoon per cup (hence the name “teaspoon”!).


Rooibos Rocks rocktails with Rooibos tea

Can I resteep Rooibos?

Resteep? This refers to the practice of drinking a cuppa and then adding more water to the teabag (which you’ve left in your cup or pot) or putting your strained leaves back into the pot then topping it up with more boiling water. Yes, you can resteep Rooibos, both the teabags and the loose stuff. Two or three times – it’s a cuppa that keeps on giving!

Do I need to add anything to the brewed beverage?

It rather depends on your personal taste. Rooibos is naturally sweet-tasting so you don’t need to add sugar. But some people do prefer to add sugar or maybe honey. Again, adding milk is a matter of personal preference.


Can I drink it as iced tea?

Yes, just brew as normal and then chill it. Or cold brew it (see below).


Rooibos Rocks rocktails with Rooibos tea

What is cold brewed Rooibos?

You just steep some tea bags or loose tea in a pitcher of cold water for about 12 hours in a refrigerator then enjoy as delicious iced Rooibos. 

What is sun brewed Rooibos?

Same process as cold brewed but you leave the pitcher in the sun for a couple of hours, then chill or serve with ice.


Rooibos Rocks rocktails with Rooibos tea

What is Rooibos latte?

Basically, it is Rooibos served with hot milk – a great bedtime treat as it’s caffeine-free. There are different variations you can try but basically, you brew a couple of teabags or a teaspoon of loose leaves in a small cup of water that’s just boiled. Let it steep until you have a strong concentrate.

 You might (according to taste) add sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Maybe add some cinnamon or vanilla essence. Add hot milk to your tea concentrate using a 1:1 ratio to ensure that the tea flavor stays strong. Enjoy!

What is a Rooibos 'red' cappuccino?

A 'Red Cappuccinos' is Rooibos tea made with hot frothy milk… a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee cappuccino.

Prepare your Rooibos like you would above for a latte, add some cinnamon, then froth your hot milk and add it...gorgeous and tasty! Try it with a little honey too. 

Can I make Rooibos espresso? 

Some drinks require a concentrated version of the base drink, especially if you fancy a fuller flavored brew. Check this blog for a quick and easy way for you to make your own Rooibos Espresso Mix using Rooibos Rocks loose leaf tea.

Can I mix Rooibos with alcohol to make cocktails?

Yes, yes, yes! But that’s a whole blog post subject on its own. Here’s one Rooibos Rocktail that you are sure to love

Rooibos Rocks rocktails with Rooibos tea

Easy peasy!

Couldn’t be much easier, right? Rooibos has a wonderful calming effect on your system and preparing it won’t stress you out either!


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