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Sore throat?  Rooibos Chai to the rescue!

Sore throat? Rooibos Chai to the rescue!

Sore throats are just one of the occupational hazards of being a human. Knowing that you’ll be fine again in a few days is some consolation – but in the meantime, the condition is pretty unpleasant. 

Now the good news. We’ve found that drinking our Rooibos Rocks Chai has a lovely soothing effect – it takes the edge off your suffering and relieves those unpleasant symptoms. How come? The Natural Rooibos, blended with fragrant star anise, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and a pop of pepper not only makes for an awesome spiced tea - but one that is very effective at dulling the discomfort! Plus there’s no caffeine, so it won’t make it harder to sleep. 

You can also get a bit creative. Adding fresh lemon juice and honey works an absolute treat. A shot of whiskey (or any spirit that particularly takes your fancy) doesn’t go amiss either! Making up your favorite remedy using Rooibos Rocks Chai certainly takes your mind off things. You might even like to try this delicious hot toddy 


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