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 Rooibos Rocks at all ages

LongeviTEA – Rooibos is good for you at every stage of your life

Rooibos is the only drink we’ve ever found that is safe and beneficial for every single stage of your life.

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy and baby

When you’re a bump

Moms-to-be are advised to limit their daily intake of caffeine to about 200 milligrams – about the same as 2 mugs of instant coffee. That’s because high levels of caffeine in pregnancy can result in babies having a low birth weight, which can increase the risk of health problems in later life. Rooibos is caffeine-free and sugar-free so your mom can drink as much as she likes.


Rooibos Rocks pregnancy and baby

When you’re expecting

Rooibos is not only good for babies but for mom as well.It contains calcium, magnesium, and high amounts of antioxidants that benefit both of you.It also helps with digestion, prevents acid reflux, soothes the body’s reactions to allergens, and prevents constipation, alongside a number of other benefits of particular value to women during pregnancy.


Soon after you are born

Rooibos is a safe and natural remedy for treating colic in babies. The antispasmodic properties help calm your baby’s stomach and ease stomach cramps.


Rooibos Rocks kids

When you’re a kid

You run around a lot – so it’s important to stay hydrated. And iced Rooibos is ideal. You are buzzed up enough already so you don’t need the caffeine that’s in regular tea. And ice tea mixes and other soft drinks are loaded with sugar. Sugar gives you a rush of energy, then you crash – great for producing temper tantrums. Sugar also rots your teeth and piles on the weight. Rooibos is naturally sweet enough, despite having zero sugar, so totally kid-friendly.


When you are an adult

Consuming a lot of caffeine and sugar over the course of your adult life has its downsides – it can mess up your sleep patterns, give you the shakes, raise your blood pressure and pile on the weight, to name but a few. But that’s not the only reason Rooibos drinking is a healthy habit to get into. 

Rooibos Rocks every stage of your life
Rooibos is a rich source of antioxidants that research suggests can help protect you against a variety of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer as well as boosting your immune system. These antioxidants also suppress the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. This feature of Rooibos, alongside the fact it is caffeine-free, helps calm your system. This alone is highly beneficial – too much stress is definitely bad for you (and the way life is at the moment we’re definitely getting more of it than we need!).


Later life

Aging is unavoidable, but Rooibos can help slow the process. It’s a source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, as well as the rare antioxidants Aspalathin and Nothofagin. These antioxidants suppress oxidative stress of the type which some studies believe may lead to diseases such as Alzheimer's. Some research even suggests it protects your skin and may slow the development of wrinkles.

Rooibos Rocks every stage of your life

Let’s drink to that

Can you think of any other drink that can do you so much good, at every stage of your life? We can’t. So you really can raise your cuppa and say “good health!”



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