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How drinking Rooibos is beneficial at any time of day

There is no other beverage in the world quite like Rooibos. It not only has a unique flavor but also provides a wide range of different health and wellness benefits. This naturally begs a lot of questions – one of which is “what’s the best time of day to consume Rooibos?” Read on and we’ll give you the when and the why!

Wakey wakey, rise, and shine!

Most of us, first thing in the morning, need a hot drink before we begin to feel fully awake and human again. Many of us are in the habit of going for a quick shot of caffeine, either in the form of a coffee or a traditional black tea. Although that’s our default start to the day a cuppa of Rooibos is actually much better for us.

The caffeine in coffee and traditional tea will certainly kickstart our system. But if we start with a caffeine injection, then we’ll probably continue with a couple more cups over the next hour or so. Two things are likely to happen.

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Firstly, our system will soon be revved up and before long we’ll be getting that disconcerting, jangly, wired feeling. This may even lead to caffeine jitters. Or, even worse, mild palpitations. And the effect on your blood pressure is not good either. Secondly, we’re just setting ourselves up for a caffeine crash – that lethargic and “down” feeling when the effects wear off.

Starting the day off with caffeine-free Rooibos, then maybe having a cup or two of coffee or regular tea over the course of the morning, is a much more gentle approach that helps to avoid these two problems. Even better, drink Rooibos all morning!

Furthermore, Rooibos is naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add the sugar you might feel your coffee or regular tea needs (and we don’t need to tell you sugar is best avoided).

So, for all these reasons, drinking Rooibos rather than coffee or regular tea in the morning makes a lot of sense.

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Afternoon tea is better with Rooibos

Late afternoon is the time we traditionally drink black tea. The caffeine injection it provides can help to combat the weariness most of us experience at the end of a busy day. However, too many cups and you could find yourself having the same problems as we’ve just described above – a temporary caffeine high (perhaps boosted by a sugar rush) followed by a slump just as it’s time to focus on home, family and friends. Better to make Rooibos your afternoon cuppa and enter the evening a bit perkier!


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Regular tea and coffee are not recommended in the evening because the caffeine tends to keep you awake and disrupt your sleep patterns. Rooibos, however, is ideal. Not only is it caffeine-free but it has various properties that have been shown to help calm your system down. For instance, it suppresses your body’s production of cortisol, a hormone that is associated with stress. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body to relax.

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Rooibos right around the clock

So, drinking Rooibos is good at any time of day. We’d recommend it morning, noon, and night because the more you consume the more goodness you release. We’ve touched on some of the benefits here but there are many more – research suggests it helps promote heart health, can possibly have a role to play in warding off diabetes and other serious illnesses, strengthen your immune system, and help alleviate skin conditions (to name but a few). Check out our other blog posts to discover more about the amazing therapeutic powers of Rooibos Rocks!


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