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honeybush tea

A sweet caffeine-free cuppa

It’s a question we get asked a lot – because so many people are consciously cutting down their caffeine intake.  The good news is that Honeybush Tea has no caffeine in it at all.  You can drink as many cups as you like (and you will like them because Honeybush Tea tastes as good as it sounds!) without buzzing up your system, raising your blood pressure or spoiling your sleep patterns.

The good news doesn’t end there.  Honeybush is naturally sweet and it is naturally sugar free. (and you probably won’t want to add any).  It also has zero calories.  So, no worries about that!  

On top of that Honeybush Tea is certified organic by various international organizations and is grown without the use of any artificial fertilizers or pesticides.   It’s also a totally natural product that contains no colorants, additives or preservatives.

Not only is it free of all the things we’re being told to avoid but it also contains compounds that provide many positive health benefits.  The research is complex but suggests that Honeybush Tea may offer some protection against cancer and type 2 diabetes, as well as having some anti-ageing properties that’ll help keep your skin young and healthy.  It may also relieve some symptoms of the menopause and has traditionally been used as a tonic for colds, influenza and chest infections.  For more details about the unique microbiology of Honeybush Tea and its potential for boosting your wellbeing in all these different ways read our Everything you ever wanted to know about Honeybush Tea article.


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