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Why Rooibos Rocks as a summer skincare solution

What has drinking Rooibos Rocks tea got to do with keeping your skin in good shape over the summer? A lot!

Rooibos Rocks summer
The sun is out – let’s throw our clothes off! It’s time for shorts, skirts, skimpy tops, and swimsuits. And after months of seasonal “body-lockdown”, with little more than our arms and lower legs on display, we’re suddenly taking much more of ourselves out to play. That’s fine if you are in perfect shape with flawless skin – but even the fittest and most youthful can feel a little self-conscious in such circumstances. Plus you have to take care to protect yourself against catching too many of those rays. Now the good news – Rooibos Rocks comes to the rescue in more ways than one. Really? Yes, really!


Rooibos Rocks summer

A cuppa that helps clear up skin complaints

Summer can be a very uncomfortable time if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or acne. However, Rooibos Rocks is a rich source of the anti-inflammatory antioxidant Quercetin. This is excellent for soothing your skin if you have these problems – you can drink it hot or iced and you can also dab it on the affected areas (hospitals in South Africa routinely use rooibos in baths for children with allergic skin conditions).

Stay safe in the sun

We all know that where the sun is concerned it’s easy to have too much of a good thing. But getting this message across to kids is difficult – yet especially important as their skin is particularly sensitive and skin damage at this age is definitely to be avoided. Recent research* shows that the abundance of polyphenol antioxidants found in Rooibos gives it positive restorative powers – which have the ability to remove precancerous damaged cells and also block the onset of inflammation. Drinking Rooibos is no substitute for covering up and slapping on the sunscreen - but it may help if forget to take the usual measures.

Rooibos Rocks summer

A brew that keeps wrinkles at bay?

Another downside of the sun is the fact it can lead to premature aging of the skin – and nobody wants that! Numerous studies have shown that Rooibos has many properties that slow the aging process and recent research has thrown fresh light on how these processes work. One recent paper** suggests that Rooibos helps delay the onset of wrinkles by protecting the layer of tissue just under the surface. Rooibos may not be the elixir of youth but if it keeps your skin firm and smooth for a little bit longer then that’s a pretty good reason for drinking a few cups a day!

Rooibos Rocks summer

Rooibos Rocks as a summer drink and beauty treatment

The easiest way to enjoy the health and skincare boosting benefits of Rooibos Rocks is to drink it. In the summer it is refreshing hot or cold but keeping the younger members of the family is a priority and iced Rooibos Rocks is an ideal way to do this.

Our Tastiest Hydration Under The Sun blog post explains why.

However, if you want to give your skin a direct drink you can apply it as a face mask (not the kind that protects you from Covid-19 but the kind that refreshes, rejuvenates and revitalizes your complexion – and soothes it if you’ve overdone the sunbathing).  Check out the recipe for our Rooibos, honey, and apple cider vinegar beauty treatment.

Rock on summer – but do it while looking great and staying safe!

SA Medical Research Council and Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Research by Prof Maryna van de Venter of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


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