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Rooibos Rocks in so many ways

Rooibos - such versatiliTEA!


You already know that Rooibos is a refreshingly tasty cuppa, with numerous health and wellness benefits. But it rocks in many other ways too – some of which are pretty surprising!

Rooibos Hot Rocks

Rooibos Rocks hot teaThe most popular way to enjoy Rooibos is hot brewed. You simply pour boiling water over a tea bag or a heaped teaspoonful of loose leaves in the same way you would with other teas. However, Rooibos has a longer steeping time than most other teas so you should let it brew for four to five minutes. What’s more, studies have shown that brewing for ten minutes greatly increases the amount of beneficial antioxidants and nutrients in the finished cup. You can serve it with or without milk, or sugar (it’s naturally sweet enough for most tastes).

Rooibos on the Rocks

Rooibos is equally delicious when you serve it chilled, as an iced tea. The obvious way to do this is to hot brew it, as above, then chill it in the fridge and serve with ice as a refreshing summertime drink. Many people like to give their iced Rooibos a bit of a twist by adding fruits, spices, or other ingredients. There are countless recipes to tempt your taste buds but this one using our Chai Rooibos, is always a winner.

Rooibos Rocks smoothies

Rooibos Rocks in Smoothies

This is a variation on iced tea, in that it is served cold. The difference is they just have a lot more fruit and vegetables in them. These Rooibos smoothie recipes are actually great for staving of colds and flu, but they’re so delicious you’ll want to drink them even if you are not particularly health conscious!

Cold Brewed Rooibos

Rooibos Rocks sun teaYou don’t have to steep and brew Rooibos in hot water. The goodness and flavor are released when you infuse Rooibos loose tea or teabags in cold water. Using hot water is a lot quicker (you have to infuse for about 8-24 hours if cold brewing) and produces a darker beverage with a more intense flavor.

Preparing tea by cold brewing may be new to you but it has a long, if somewhat forgotten, history in the US – some fondly remember their grandmothers preparing what is still referred to as "sun tea".  It’s pretty simple – add 8 teabags to glass container filled with about a gallon of cold water. Put a lid on the container then set it out in the sun to warm. Depending on how hot the weather, the infusion will probably be ready to drink in 2-3 hours, served with ice. This method works with any type of tea, including Rooibos. Some people like to add honey or maple syrup for extra sweetness, or sliced citrus fruit to give it some added tanginess.

Rooibos Rocks mocktails and cocktailsRooibos Rocktails and Mocktails

No matter how you brew or serve Rooibos, it is a great mixer – perfect for making a wide variety of cocktails, either alcoholic or otherwise. This Rooibos and cider drink is a great favorite of ours, as is this Rooibos Sangria. The Rooibos Council has heaps more for you to discover here.

Rooibos Rocks as a Coffee Alternative

Rooibos Latte and Rooibos Cappuccino might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it starts to make sense when you check out our recipe for preparing Rooibos espresso mix.

Rooibos Rocks espresso

Rooibos Rocks in Recipes

The rich flavor of Rooibos goes well in all sorts of different dishes from cakes to roasts, and casseroles to soups.  We’re particularly fond of this Rooibos-infused malva pudding – a traditional South African dessert that absolutely sticks to your ribs!

Rooibos Rocks Malva

Rooibos Rocks beauty treatment

Rooibos Rocks as a Beauty Treatment

A wide variety of scientific studies suggest Rooibos is great for your skin, whether you drink it or apply it directly – check out this post on how to use it to prepare a rejuvenating face mask. Some of this research also indicates that it may increase the speed of hair growth, strengthen the fibers, prevent hair loss, and remove dead skin cells that block hair follicles. The anti-inflammatory effects of Rooibos tea might also help to relieve the symptoms of dandruff.

Rooibos Rocks for Pets

It’s well known that Rooibos has a variety of natural properties which are beneficial for human health, wellbeing, and beauty. The same, unsurprisingly, goes for your pets.   Got a dog or cat that suffers with a skin condition? Adding some Rooibos to their food or bathing them in a solution made with the tea can be a big help. Read this article by the Rooibos Council for more details.

Rooibos Rocks pets

How Many Other Ways Does Rooibos Rock?

Rooibos is amazing – as versatile as your imagination. Being caffeine free, and containing a variety of antioxidants that help to reduce stress, it even helps create moments of calm in a world of crazy. If there are any other uses we may have missed, please share!


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