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Rooibos is sugar free tea

How can I get my kids off sugar while making sure they’re properly hydrated?

“Almost all the drinks my kids love are loaded with sugar, caffeine and artificial flavorings, sweeteners and additives.  But I don’t want them getting dehydrated.  Any ideas?”  This is a question mums are constantly asking – and the simplest answer is Rooibos Rocks!

Our classic ruby red Original Rooibos, fragrant Green Rooibos, spicy Chai Rooibos and Mountain Honeybush all make great iced tea with very little effort – and each one is sugar free, caffeine-free, additive free and guilt free.  They are also naturally sweet, because they are tannin free.  This means you can steep them as long as you like to make hot brewed iced tea, cold brewed iced tea or sun tea without any hint of the bitterness you get with black tea – so there’s no need to add sugar to take the tannin taste away.

Kids love the flavor of all four of our different varieties and you can add other ingredients, like fruit juices and spices, to create a huge range of deliciously refreshing kid-friendly drinks recipes, smoothies and ice pops. Why not try this peach flavored one for starters?

So, no more worries about trying to keep your kids properly hydrated without filling them up with sugar, caffeine and a cocktail of chemical nasties – order your Rooibos Rocks now and enjoy a guilt free summer!

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