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Green Rooibos vs Green tea

Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea – are they the same?

Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea sound like they might be the same, right? Wrong! They are pretty different and those differences matter – for instance, Green Rooibos Tea is caffeine-free but Green Tea isn’t. So, settle down with a cuppa and we’ll explain.

To understand the difference between Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea you first need to understand what they are on their own and where they come from.

What is Green Rooibos?

Green Rooibos Tea comes from the Aspalathus Linearis shrub, only found in the Cederberg Mountain region of South Africa’s Western Cape. The short needle-like leaves are harvested by hand in the South African summer (December to February).

Immediately after harvesting the freshly cut leaves are heat sterilised and this halts the oxidation process – as the leaves dry they retain their green coloration. 

The oxidation does more than merely change the color of the leaves – it subtly alters the flavor as well to bring us a delicate, herbal flavor and steeps into a light orange-yellow cup.

Interesting fact: When the Rooibos leaves are left to oxidize and ferment, they will gradually turn from green to the reddish amber color that is so characteristic of Original Rooibos Tea, otherwise known as Red Bush Tea.

Rooibos being harvested in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa

 What is Green Tea?

Green Tea leaves come from the Camellia Sinensis bush that is cultivated in India and South East Asia. The leaves are dried without oxidation taking place. Besides the name, that’s the only similarity between Green Rooibos and Green Tea – they are both similar in color because they have not been oxidized. In every other respect, they are different.

Tea picking in india

What are the differences between Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea?

Coming from totally different plants they have different biochemical properties. The most obvious difference is that they taste different. Another very important thing to note is that Green Rooibos Tea is caffeine-free but Green Tea isn’t. So, if you want to avoid caffeine, improve the quality of your sleep and avoid revving your system, stick to Green Rooibos Tea and avoid Green Tea.

enjoying a cup of Green Rooibos tea

Green Rooibos Tea is also low in tannins so you can steep it for a long time to create a stronger and more flavorful cuppa. Green Tea is high in tannins so if you steep that for too long you’ll get a bitter brew.

In terms of health benefits, Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea are also very different. Green Tea doesn’t provide the health benefits that are unique to Green Rooibos Tea. To discover more about the unique benefits of Rooibos read this article.

So, there you have it - now you can impress your friends with how much you know about the difference between Green Rooibos Tea and Green Tea! 


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