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Worried about Diabetes? Drink Rooibos!

The 14th of November is World Diabetes Day. The idea behind this event is to raise awareness of a condition that almost 30 million people in the US have to live with every day.

It’s a day that has particular significance for us at Rooibos Rocks because research shows that drinking Rooibos significantly lowers your risk of developing this life-threatening disease (Diabetes increases your chances of early death by 60%).

In this article, we share information about how drinking Rooibos tea can help you avoid and cope with this condition.

How does Rooibos reduce your risk of developing Diabetes?

Apologies if this all gets slightly scientific – we’ll try and keep it simple, but accurate. Firstly, you need to know there are two main types of Diabetes. Type 1 is where your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to adequately regulate blood sugar levels. Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) occurs when your body becomes insulin resistant. T2D is much more common, accounting for about 95% of those with the condition in the USA.

Research conducted by the SA Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and their research partners indicates that Rooibos has the potential to delay and prevent the onset and progression of T2D. It was found that aspalathin, a unique compound only found in the Rooibos plant (Aspalathus linearis), helped reduce blood glucose levels in non-human primates.

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Based on this, and other research, here are some of the Diabetes-related benefits that may be derived from drinking Rooibos tea:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced risk of developing T2D
  • Reduced risk of developing T2D associated cardiovascular disease

Another way Rooibos may help you avoid developing T2D

Rooibos is totally free of sugar. It’s also naturally sweet-tasting, so you don’t need to add extra sugar. So drinking Rooibos, rather than tea or coffee with sugar, is surely a great way to avoid developing T2D?

Kind of…but it’s a two-stage process. Eating excess sugar on its own will not directly give you T2D. But it will pile on the weight. And being overweight increases the likelihood of developing T2D.

What’s more, research has found that aspalathin was shown to reduce fat, boost fat metabolism, and block fat cell formation – another reason it could help you maintain a healthy weight.

Managing your diabetes with rooibos

Once you have Diabetes, either T1D or T2D, you are advised to avoid sources of dietary sugar. And Rooibos, being sugar free and sweet enough already, ticks this box. The tea is also naturally sweet so little to no added sugars are required.

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So, drinking regular cups of Rooibos tea might help you avoid developing T2D. And if you already have the condition it could help you prevent it from getting more serious. Having said that, it is not a miracle solution on its own – you need to combine it with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Eating a Danish pastry with every cuppa is not recommended!😊


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