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Rooibos Rocks is good for your heart

Why Rooibos tea is good for your heart.

World Heart Day is coming up on September the 29th, so it’s a good time to think about which drinks are most beneficial for cardiovascular health. Rooibos tea comes out at the absolute top of the list – for five good reasons.

Caffeine-free. Caffeine revs up your system in a variety of ways that can put stress on your heart (as if there’s not enough going on in the world to wind us up already!). So your heart will thank you for choosing Rooibos over drinks laced with caffeine.

Sugar-free. Most food and drink is loaded with the stuff! This means we pile on the pounds and that’s not good for blood pressure and heart health. Rooibos is that rare thing – a sugar-free drink that tastes naturally sweet.

Healthy hydration. Dehydration is bad for all our organs, including our heart. Most teas and coffees, because they contain caffeine, can be a problem – they make us pass water more swiftly. Being caffeine-free means that Rooibos is a great way to boost, not reduce, your hydration levels.

A calming cuppa. Modern life is especially stressful and that takes its toll on the heart. Research studies show that Rooibos tea naturally contains a variety of compounds that have a calming effect on our metabolism.

Rooibos ACEs it. Other scientific papers suggest Rooibos tea might help keep our heart in good shape by suppressing Angiotensin-Converting Enzymes (ACE) – this can help lower blood pressure and reduce strain on your heart.


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