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Rooibos Rocks teatox detox

Why is Rooibos good for detox?

Where to start? Rooibos tea has many benefits other than being organic and very tasty. It is great for detox for these reasons amongst others..

1. There is no sugar.

Rooibos has a fresh and sweet taste so the need to add sugar to sweeten it is removed. This helps to keep your blood sugar regulated and thus your body weight in check.

2. There is no Caffeine.

Fantastic if your detox regime insists on being caffeine free; most do. Imagine that, a full and bold tasting tea, gorgeous both hot & iced, naturally without caffeine.

3. It is Antioxidant Rich.

Who cares? Well, it's antioxidants which help remove free radicals and in so doing protect the cells of your body from damage, meaning your body can more easily fight off toxins.

4. Bonus... It just gets better!

Rooibos tea is also known to have a hypoallergenic effect so it won’t affect your allergies.


Rooibos Rocks teatox detox

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