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Want more info about school from the one person that really matters?

Picture this scene. You’ve just put your kettle on the stove to make a delicious pot of Rooibos Rocks tea to go with a healthy snack for your kids when they come home from school.

As they bustle in you greet them with a cheery ‘Hi, how was your day?’ Your smiling face full of expectation that your offspring are going to launch into a conversation full of interesting anecdotes.... Instead of which you get the one word reply of ‘fine’, ‘okay’ or ‘good’.

This happens every school day and yet we STILL think they’ll give us more.... Duh? And you’re not alone, this happens in nearly every home in every city in every state!! Not quite Little House on the Prairie right? :-)

We’ve prepared a list of 20 questions you can ask your children which are guaranteed to get you better replies. Before they go and sit in front of the TV or play on their devices, tempt them to join you with that soothing cup of Rooibos tea you’ve just prepared for them. Rooibos tea isn’t just caffeine free and safe to drink for all ages, hot, cold or iced; it also contains health boosting antioxidants and has a relaxing effect on the body. So it’s the perfect time to start an after school tradition and ask them to join you before they go off and do their own thing.

While they’re sipping their tea and munching away, how about asking them some more meaningful questions about their day. It takes a month to turn this into a habit and not much more to make it a lifestyle. We’ve got you covered with conversation starters which are much more appealing and spark more interesting answers.

20 things to ask your kids instead of “How was school?

1. Who did you hang out with at school today?

Social interaction is a major part of school. Friends can be an important influence on your child’s life. Like most things, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to friendships.

2. What’s the best thing that happened today during lessons?

Interesting things can happen in class. Getting a tough question right or receiving a compliment on your work can be a big mood booster.

Rooibos Rocks school time

3. Who was your best teacher today?

Every student has a favorite teacher. Why not find out who this is and thank the teacher at the next PTA meeting.

4. What was the most interesting thing you learned today?

For most kids, class can be boring and repetitive but every now and then there’s a moment where they learn something interesting they've always wanted to know or something that just inspires them. As parents, you might enjoy the facts too. :-)

Rooibos Rocks school time

5. How did school make you feel today?

Mental health in schools is a crisis affecting millions of students. It is a very sensitive topic overlooked by so many because kids are easily shrugged off by their elders. Talk to your kids about how they feel.

6. Did you struggle with any of your class work today? What was it?

Challenges are a part of life. How your child copes with them is an important part of growth. Did your child overcome this challenge or are they still having some trouble?

Rooibos Rocks school time

7. Which class did you enjoy the most today and why?

Sometimes there’s that one lesson during the school day that just feels right. Your child could be enjoying a specific module or experiment which can uplift and inspire them. Find out what it is and why they enjoyed it.

8. What was your least favorite class today?

Why does your child not enjoy a specific class? Could it be the content, the teacher or a classmate making it difficult for them?

Rooibos Rocks school time

9. What made you smile today?

Simple smiles, we all love them. Allow your child to indulge in the moment.

10. Who did you sit with at lunch? And what did you chat about?

A great opportunity to dig a little into the blossoming relationships your child is building at school. Get a name, find the Mom and arrange an after school play date.

Rooibos Rocks school time

11. Did you discover any new music today? What? Do tell…

New music is released almost every day. Music has a bigger impact on people than we sometimes realize. Why not find out what the newest songs are or how your kid’s music makes them feel. You could be missing out on some great jams.

12. Where would you like to go for the summer vacation?

It may be winter now, but no time like the present to consider the Summer holidays. Why not give the kids a choice too? It would make the experience even more fun.

13. If you could change one thing about today, what would it be?

School can be a daunting place. Your child should feel safe confiding in you as their parent about something that’s troubling them.

Rooibos Rocks school time

14. What did you have for lunch at school today?

Making healthy food choices is important for everybody, especially children who are busy growing. Schools should be and are making an effort to improve the quality of their food.

15. Which subject is giving you trouble? Why?

Why is this subject giving them issues? Could it be a lot of work or just a bit unfamiliar? Maybe you have some experience with the work and could help out.

Rooibos Rocks school time

16. What was the hardest rule to follow today? And why?

Rules are an important part of the structure and there is a place for them. But we are not all created equal and for some of us, rules impede our growth. They say rules are there to be broken, and while we cannot advocate that, what about a little bending? A great discussion point!

17. Did you do anything creative or artistic today? And if so, do tell…

Creative skill doesn’t just mean being artistic but is also about being creative with words, like writing poetry or even acting and dance. Embrace your child’s artistic side.

18. Tell me something that you know today that you didn’t know yesterday.

Love this. What a great way to involve your child in their school work. You might even learn something new yourself!

Rooibos Rocks school time

19. Which novel or story are you reading and what are you enjoying about it?

With so many different books to choose from it could be fun to find out about new stories. Even reading the same books could be a great bonding moment when discussing them.

20. If you switched places with a teacher tomorrow, how would you teach?

Sometimes your child can have a different perspective on a lesson, especially when they’re older and become more free thinking. How would they change the way the lesson is presented to make it more understandable or interesting? At Rooibos Rocks, we know that the years in which your child goes to school are the most important and precious. Taking the time to learn what your child likes and dislikes gives you a much fuller picture of how your child is developing as a person. Guide them along their life’s journey with interesting conversations. You can have a lovely cup of Rooibos tea while you have a fun conversation with your child/children. Feel the Goodness!


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