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Reduce Festive Season/Christmas time stress with these 7 tips

Your friend just texted you in a panic that they have so much Christmas prep to do and you realize you’ve done none of it either. Christmas can be a very stressful time as it has financial and social obligations which send you into a wild spin. Don’t panic though. Put on a nice fresh pot of rooibos tea. Sip back, relax and follow these 7 tips to help you deal with all the Holiday stress. Rooibos tea with its health boosting antioxidants has a very soothing effect on the mind and body, which will help you relax and plan with a clear head.

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1. Avoid the rush and shop online

Often crowded malls cause anxiety and you find yourself distracted by too many options. Then, you get to a shop to find out that they just sold out of an item and you need to get into the car to look for it somewhere else. With online shopping you can avoid the rush. You can take your time choosing gifts from the comfort of your own home with a hot cup of tea. Also, retail stores tend to hike prices just before Christmas and online stores have more discounts. There are websites where you can find convenient discount codes and deals to save you money.

2. Put the kids first

Everybody enjoys the holiday season for family get together, presents, decorations, food and traditions. However, kids don’t always understand traditions and they can be expensive too. Children mostly enjoy simple things and often something they can participate in. Playing games together and making things themselves can be much more fun. You’ll be much happier and saving money at the same time while your kids won't be complaining about being bored or disliking something they’ve outgrown.

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3. Sleep, eat healthy and exercise

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. When we are sleep deprived we tend to make wrong choices and being tired causes more anxiety. Making sure you get enough sleep will definitely improve your day. The same goes for eating healthy foods and not indulging in sugar. We tend to go for comfort food when we are stressed and it’s easy to pick up weight and feel sluggish when we do so. This has all sorts of snowball effects like confidence and daily energy. Why not take a 10 minute walk. The fresh air will benefit your brain and is also a great time to think about the plans you’re making for the holiday season.

4. Make fun plans that don’t involve Christmas

It’s not just a story when we say that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter releases endorphins or “feel good hormones” which benefit mental health and even boosts the immune system. Levity is very important in reducing stress and making plans with low stress impact are so vital. Make plans with friends or family that you will enjoy. Even going to the park or having a cup of tea together can have a very positive impact on stress levels.

Rooibos Rocks Christmas

5. Avoid stressful conversations with family

There are things can cause Holiday stress and anxiety. When relatives are over for the holidays your defenses are down after a long year. Having everybody around can be stressful. From uncomfortable memories, uneasy new family developments and toxic relatives who don’t understand what you’re going through. It can be hard to deal with all this and it is important to set boundaries. Make a plan with relatives reminding them that it’s a festive season and to try and avoid these topics. Help them understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate and that you would like some help with tasks.

6. Manage expectations

It’s okay to be good enough. With kids, they don’t always understand how much some things cost and can have very high expectations of activities and holidays. A good idea could be to try and help them understand that not going on an expensive trip is okay and give them alternatives like a day at the park or making up their own games. With adults, it can be even tougher when relatives expect you to do all the work. Preparation is everything. Make a list for all your relatives and give them tasks to do or stuff to bring to the party to help with preparation to save money. It doesn’t all need to be on your shoulders and just doing enough is fine too.

Rooibos Rocks Christmas

7. The 30 minute rule

This is an easy task for you during the planning phase of the holiday when you try to figure out what to do. Make a cup of tea, settle down, look at all your tasks and break them up. If any takes more than 30 minutes, put it on a separate list. Only have short tasks on your page. You can always go back to longer tasks to see if you can delegate some to family members and see who can help. Small goals add to the big picture and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The holiday season doesn’t need to be a continuous chore and you can also have fun with all that there is to do. Try these helpful hints and have a much happier season of joy.

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