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Rooibos Rocks - how much caffeine is black tea hiding?

How much caffeine is black tea hiding?

 Hi there fellow tea drinker!

Hopefully by now you have been able to enjoy a cup…or more…of freshly brewed Rooibos tea.

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At Rooibos Rocks, we care about your health and well-being AND that of your family and friends. After all, you can only be as happy as those around you, right?

So while you take a few moments of your busy day to relax, kick back and sip on yet another cup of Rooibos tea…don’t worry nobody’s judging…allow us to share some info about the regular, black tea which your family and friends might be having.


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Black tea has a much higher concentration of caffeine than other teas. An 8-ounce serving will hit you with a dose of 40 - 75 mg of caffeine.

This is quite high as compared to oolong tea (37 - 55 mg), green tea (35 - 45 mg), white tea (15-30 mg) and Rooibos Rocks’ tea (0 mg)


“All men (and women) are created equal” but not all teas are.

FUN FACT: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea are all made from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The duration of the oxidation process that the plant’s leaves go through affects their taste, color, smell (and caffeine content).

BOTTOM LINE: The type of tea produced depends on the amount of time the leaves have been oxidized for.

DID YOU KNOW: the percentage of caffeine in a regular cup of tea can nearly double within 5 minutes - if the tea bag is left inside. 

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BLACK TEA - mistaken identity?

Okay…black tea has a slightly higher caffeine content than other teas, so what?

Aren’t there steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of caffeine in a cup of black tea? And, doesn’t black tea still have major health benefits? Well…yes and, yes.


Younger tea leaves have a higher concentration of caffeine. So, using older leaves will help reduce a cup of black tea’s caffeine content. Brewing or steeping your tea for a shorter amount of time will also help.

So you CAN control the amount of caffeine in a cup of black tea…kind of.

But why go through all this effort when you can enjoy caffeine-free Rooibos tea? Maybe it’s because black tea lovers are convinced that it is HEALTHY…

Research says black tea has antioxidants that can prevent heart complications. Some studies have even concluded that consuming black tea can help prevent certain types of cancer.

The thing is, these benefits are also attributed to other teas - Rooibos tea included.

DID YOU KNOW: Health professionals in South Africa recommend Rooibos tea to people suffering from insomnia, irritability, headaches and even mild depression. This is because it can have a soothing effect on the body’s central nervous system.

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 So why risk the effects of caffeine - insomnia and anxiety - when you can enjoy a cup of caffeine-free tea which has all the reported benefits of black tea and more?

Honestly, we don’t know…

Our Rooibos tea is calorie-free, caffeine-free and antioxidant-rich. It also comes in a variety of flavors to you, your family, and your friends can try something new (and healthy) each day. 

Willam Cowper once said "Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor"…and so is our Rooibos Chai Tea.

Sharing is caring…not only when it comes to the contents of your teapot, of course. So why not share this post with your family and friends so they can be informed and make healthy choices too.

Until next time!
The Rooibos Rocks family

Rooibos Rocks family
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