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3 types of drinks to avoid during your pregnancy

Hi Moms-To-Be!

Hopefully you’ve been able to find some me time in your busy schedule. Just take a moment now, breath, sit down and relax. You deserve it.

Whilst you’re chilling, we'd love to share some interesting info to help you through your pregnancy and beyond.  

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy

The Rooibos Rocks family knows that there are a ton of things that you need to remember during your pregnancy: the date of your next doctor’s appointment, the time of your daily exercise session, the correct portions of food to eat and the right nutritional supplements to take.

Plus, it seems like EVERYONE wants to give you their opinion on what you should eat, drink and do. This would be fine if the advice was not so contradictory…

By now we’re sure you have researched and received lots of helpful advice, only to have it overturned by info from another member of your caring crew.

As if being pregnant wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you have to figure out what info to TRUST and what advice you should graciously accept from your well meaning family and friends.

We don’t know EVERYTHING to help you sort all the pregnancy-related facts from fiction but, we have done some research for you about the drinks to avoid drinking during pregnancy, and WHY… Here is a list of the top contenders:

Alcoholic beverages 

We're sure you have heard this one before, and for good reason too... 

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy
Around the 4th to 8th week of pregnancy, an umbilical cord forms attaching your little one to your placenta. It is via this cord that your baby will receive all the nutrients and oxygen-rich blood from your body to help it develop.


If there is alcohol in your blood, this too can get passed on to your young one. Some studies suggest that this could potentially affect your baby’s health both during and after pregnancy.

On the other hand, Harvard Health states that medical evidence supporting "strict abstinence" from alcohol during pregnancy is “not very strong”. Nevertheless, they acknowledge that, since it’s unclear how much alcohol a mother can consume before it causes harm to her child, it’s best to steer clear of it.

All in all then, rather than take any risks associated with having alcoholic drinks, avoiding them completely during pregnancy is your best bet…

AND yes – in case you were wondering – NO ALCOHOL means you will have to say GOODBYE to your beloved wine too. ?

Carbonated drinks

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy

No harm in having something something with bubbles, right? After all, soda or pop contains no alcohol, correct?

Well… ALTHOUGH carbonated drinks do not contain alcohol, they may have, Colorants, Preservatives, Caffeine, Concentrated Sugars…You name it.


DID YOU KNOW: A regular soft drink contains the equivalent of 7 – 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Due to their high sugar content, carbonated drinks can cause high blood sugar levels. So, consuming them during pregnancy may put you at risk of developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. This has the potential to cause complications for both you and your little bundle of joy.

Sugar content aside, a 12-ounce can of pop/soda can have anything between 35 to 55 mg of caffeine. Continue reading to discover why this and other caffeinated drinks should be avoided during pregnancy, despite the much needed (but short-lived) pick-me-up that they offer.

Drinks that are high in caffeine 

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy
We know you can feel drained and tired during pregnancy. But, whatever you do, please DO NOT reach for energy drinks or coffee to give you that much-needed boost.  

These drinks contain large amounts of caffeine which may raise your blood pressure. High blood pressure can mean that less blood is flowing to the placenta and that your baby is not getting the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to develop healthily.

If that is not bad enough, caffeine also increases the frequency of urination, meaning your little one is losing vital fluids and nutrients which he/she needs to develop.

DID YOU KNOW: Whilst YOUR body can tolerate the caffeine you consume, your baby’s cannot. This is largely because his/her metabolism is still developing. So, consuming even the smallest amount of caffeine may affect your baby’s sleep and movement patterns.

Don't throw in the towel just yet!

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy

We’re pretty sure the list above has eliminated many of your go-to drinks from the menu. But it’s not all doom and gloom …?

There are plenty of hydrating drinks you can enjoy before, during and after pregnancy, to ensure that both you and your little bundle of joy are as healthy as can be. Take, for example…(what is sure to become your new best friend #BFF)  ROOIBOS TEA!

The Great News is that unlike most teas Rooibos Tea is Caffeine-Free, not to mention Sugar and Calorie-Free too. Overall, Organic and Natural Rooibos Tea is safe to drink during pregnancy and can aid you as a pregnant mother in numerous ways.


DID YOU KNOW: Rooibos Tea may help to relieve morning sickness and may also keep you calm and relaxed.

Let us join you

Rooibos Rocks pregnancy

Thank you for taking the time to sit back, relax and for allowing us to share some vital info with you.

At Rooibos Rocks, we care about healthy living and a healthy you. So why not let us accompany you through your 9 month journey and beyond?

Visit our shop, to see our range of Delicious Organic Rooibos Teas that will help keep you and your baby-to-be healthy. Both of you will be able to feel and benefit from its goodness in no time!


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