100 Original Organic Natural Rooibos Teabags


16 oz Original Organic Rooibos Tea

Loose Leaf


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taste is good

Every day i drink this tea for me and my baby. It tastes really good. and easy to use with cold water.
임신한후에 뱃속 아이를 위해 매일 마시고 있다맛도 좋고 찬물에도 잘 우러나와서 편리하다

A Smoky, Earthy Flavor

I love Rooibos Tea. It's a favorite, I drink it most everyday as a substitute for coffee. Because it is caffeine-free I can enjoy it as much as I desire. It has a full-bodied, satisfying flavor. I think this is my 4th order. It arrived in perfect condition. I'll keep ordering Rooibos Tea from Rooibos Rocks.

Great Service + Great Tea = Satisfied Customer

I’ve been looking for a good plain rooibos tea. I’m not a big fan of pre-flavored teas (those that have various other flavors added, e.g. vanilla, berry, ginger, mint…) because the added flavors are so often artificial and, to me, unappealing. I’d rather add my own flavorings if I want them. So I was delighted to find 100% unflavored rooibos from your company. I drink it every day, several times a day, hot and iced, and love that I don’t have to worry about caffeine keeping me up at night.
- The colors are bright and cheerful, and I like the hugging zebras!
- I love the flavor of rooibos, which is why I was looking for a brand that didn’t include added flavorings. There’s something unique about rooibos. I can only describe it as “twigs soaked in water,” which I know sounds crazy weird, but I love it. It’s sort of earthy. Anyway, I’m really pleased with the flavor.
- For most people, cost dictates which brand they choose. For me, cost, and quality play equal parts in determining my initial product choice, but my brand loyalty will change in a heartbeat if customer service doesn’t measure up. So far, Rooibos Rocks definitely measures up! Thank you for that. (The sense of humor is especially appreciated.) I’ll be ordering more tea from you soon!

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