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40 Organic Rooibos Chai Teabags


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Drink Healthy

"Amazing new-to-me-drink: rooibos is satisfying, non fattening, has no caffeine, satisfies my cravings. It is so much healthier than some other choices like soda, or caffeinated drinks. My only regret, that I didn't learn about it sooner."

The first rooibos I bought held a collection of four different flavored teas but this one is all plain rooibos. The flavored ones were great- but so is this. Such a nice relaxing warm drink at bedtime, such a great wake up sipped hot in the morning. Truly, rooibos rocks!

Rooibos Rocks!

Thank you for such an exceptional product. The packaging was perfect. The tea is wonderful, I would like to recommend this tea to anyone who desires a great tasting and caffeine free cup of healthy, just sweet enough, hot or cold. It is a very fine product.

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