200 Original Organic Natural Rooibos Teabags


16 oz Original Organic Rooibos Tea

Loose Leaf


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The Quality that u can see, smell and taste!

Kind of sweet-wooden taste, beautiful red color and a relaxing smell. We bought this tea once and now it is part of our regular tea collection. It is naturally caffeine free - so we can drink it as much as we want!
One downside, it is not the cheapest tea out there BUT, when we tried to switch to a cheaper version, the taste difference was too noticeable for us; so, we went back to this one. Since we drink this tea on a regular basis, we were happy to see this double box set. It lasts longer in the pantry and it saves us a few $ in a long run!

Great healthy alternative for kids! Comes from a reliable source in South Africa.

I was really excited when I found this tea. Rooibos is my favorite tea. I can drink it all day because it has 0 caffeine. I like drinking it hot, and iced. My two year old even likes to drink it iced. It is great for him because again it has no caffeine, and it has a naturally sweet flavor, unlike other teas, which can be bitter. You can add honey or even apple juice to sweeten it a bit if your kid doesn't like it plain. I steeped it over night and now I have it ready for either of us to drink iced.
If I drink it hot, I like to add a little milk and a little honey just to make it creamy.
Seriously the best rooibos I have had, and I drink a lot of tea. They have other box sizes and loose leaf tea if you don't want to go for the 200 box.

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