40 Organic Honeybush Teabags


40 Organic Green Rooibos Teabags


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Delicious caffeine free tea

I was doing some research for teas that help with anxiety and Honeybush and Rooibos came up. I love both teas so much. It's great to have something zero calorie to drink that's not water. It's doing wonders while I'm on a weight loss program.
I love tea in general, but black and green teas contain oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones. I'm prone to getting them, so I have to limit my black tea intake.
I have been drinking the red rooibos and honeybush nearly every day now for a few weeks and I love it. There's a fruity, floral taste to both of them.

Great new find

I have several Honeybush Teas that I have purchased. This one has the best flavor. Plus it has the immune support which cannot hurt. Love it!!

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