DIY rooibos espresso mix

With all these amazing recipes coming out around the world to make your own Rooibos Lattes, Rooibos Cappuccinos and a variety of other coffee alternative drinks using Rooibos Tea, we had to investigate how best to make it ourselves.

That being said, like with coffee, these specialty drinks require a concentrated version of the base drink. With the coffee drinks, the barista (or wannabe home baristas) would use espresso to give the rich coffee flavor. Similarly with these fun rooibos drinks, for them to not taste watered down or weak, you need to have an espresso-like tea mixture to use as the base drink.

So with that, here is a quick an easy way for you to make your own Rooibos Espresso Mix:

STEP 1: Take your Rooibos Rocks Loose Leaf Tea Mix and add it to your blender or coffee grinder.

STEP 2: Grind/blend the tea to a fine mix. You will find there is a mixture of finer tea and a red powder.

STEP 3: Add your powdery tea mix to your french press plunger, percolator or other filtering system. We made a makeshift filter by taking the filter out of our coffee machine and adding it to a large mug. If you use this method, make sure the filter is secure and doesn’t tip out when you add water.

STEP 4: Add your boiled hot water and let the tea filter through. If using a french press, add the water and let the tea mixture steep for a while before plunging it.

STEP 5: Use a spoon to move the mixture around in the filter to ensure all the water drained through. You will be left with a pulp. And we have thought of a few other ways to use this pulp.

STEP 6: Poor your Rooibos Espresso mixture to your desired mug/cup to enjoy as is or as the base for a delicious Rooibos Latte or Rooibos Cappuccino.

STEP 7: Sit back, and enjoy!

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