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Want more info about school from the one person that really matters?

Want more info about school from the
one person that really matters?

Picture this scene. You’ve just put your kettle on the stove to make a delicious pot of Rooibos Rocks tea to go with a healthy snack for your kids when they come home from school. As they bustle in you greet them with a cheery ‘Hi, how was your day?’ Your smiling face full of […]

Rooibos Rocks boost your immune system this winter blog image

6 Tips on how to improve your immune system
and stay healthy in winter

Winter is a harsh time of the year. It’s cold, your immune system struggles to take the impact and you tend to have a higher risk of becoming sick. There’s always a list of ways to boost your immune system to protect yourself from becoming unwell. It’s not just about taking all sorts of medication, but […]

4 health benefits of rooibos tea

4 health benefits of rooibos tea

Howzit Tea Lovers! If you need help deciding whether you should be having rooibos during your daily tea break – or should we say tea breaks – you’ve come to the right place. We would like to share 4 health benefits of rooibos, to help you make an informed decision. Of course, the list of benefits we’re […]

Rooibos tea and its benefits in the morning

Rooibos tea and its benefits in the morning

Like most people, the first thing we do in the morning is to brew a favorite cuppa. Whether you’re still bleary-eyed or miraculously wide awake, a hot drink is what we all crave as soon as we wake up. Coffee remains a popular choice for many, have you considered a cup of healthy rooibos tea instead? Here […]

Detox Tea

It’s time for some natural, preservative-free detox tea

We all feel tired and drained from time to time. Often, simply taking a moment to relax and sip on a soothing cup of tea is what we need to bounce back. If you have been experiencing fatigue and low levels of energy for long periods of time, however, it might be a sign that…your body needs […]

Is rooibos safe to drink when you are pregnant?

A question we get regularly is: Is Rooibos safe to drink during pregnancy? In South Africa we swear by the benefits of rooibos for you, baby and small children during pregnancy, lactation and infancy. But we don’t want you to take our word for it, so do your research and ask your Doctor.   But we’ve […]

why rooibos rocks?

Why Rooibos rocks?

Rich in Health Benefits, Rooibos Rocks Rooibos Tea is Bursting with Powerful Antioxidants that boost the immune system. Relaxing and Calming, Naturally Pure and Caffeine Free, Rooibos Rocks Red Bush Tea helps to relieve the stress and strain of everyday living. Our mission is to bring the very best Rooibos to market that’s sustainably and […]