What drinks should you avoid in pregnancy?

3 types of drinks to avoid during your pregnancy

Hi Moms-To-Be! Hopefully you’ve been able to find some me time in your busy schedule. Just take a moment now, breath, sit down and relax. You deserve it. Whilst you’re chilling, we’d love to share some interesting info to help you through your pregnancy and beyond. The Rooibos Rocks family knows that there are a ton of things […]

This sparkling rooibos drink recipe is great for the entire family

Ah, summer. The time of picnics, barbeques and pool parties… BUT…also the time of elevated stress levels. Yes, we know trying to cater for everyone at family gatherings can be tough. We also know that the extreme heat only adds to your grief – which tea lover wouldn’t be grumpy if the weather was just […]

DIY rooibos espresso mix

With all these amazing recipes coming out around the world to make your own Rooibos Lattes, Rooibos Cappuccinos and a variety of other coffee alternative drinks using Rooibos Tea, we had to investigate how best to make it ourselves. That being said, like with coffee, these specialty drinks require a concentrated version of the base […]