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In South Africa, our wonder herb rooibos (meaning ‘red bush’) makes a healthy and lekker tasting red tea.

Grown only in the majestic Cederberg mountains of our Rainbow Nation, Rooibos Rocks natural red tea is the perfect alternative to coffee, black and green tea.

But don’t take our word for it bru, give it a try! Invite your chinas round for a skinner and enjoy as many cups as you like!

Rooibos tea is:

>> Naturally Caffeine free with NO calories. Yebo!!!

>> 100% organic with no additives or preservatives

>> Naturally sweet and full bodied with no bitter after taste

>> Jam packed with antioxidants

rooibos tea bags

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As Unique as our Rainbow Nation:

the cederberg region of south africa where rooibos tea is grown

A bit about our tea

Our soothing red tea is really good for you, and is widely enjoyed for its great taste and health boosting benefits. Rich in antioxidants, essential minerals and nutrients, rooibos is naturally calming and helps boost overall immunity to keep you feeling chilled, relaxed and healthy.

Divine hot with milk and sugar, or as a refreshing iced tea, anyone can enjoy Rooibos Rocks organic red tea. Unlike regular black and green teas, rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free, making it both a safe and ideal choice for the whole family, including children, infants, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Our certified USDA Organic red tea is grown in the pristine, Cederberg region in South Africa. It’s packed with antioxidants, so the more you drink Rooibos Rocks, the better it is for you. Yebo! You read that right!



The beautiful Cederberg Region in spring.

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One of a kind / A bit of history

Famed for its diverse animal and plant life, spectacular rock formations and rich cultural heritage, the Cederberg region is a global biodiversity hotspot. It’s also where our red tea grows naturally in harmony with its surroundings.

More than 300 years ago, locals first discovered that the needle-like leaves of the Rooibos plant (Aspalathus linearis) made a refreshing brew. And the rest they say is history. Since then, we can’t get enough of the stuff, and today it is probably our nation’s favourite drink.


Raw freshly harvested Rooibos

Did you know?

Scientific articles published over the past decade prove the therapeutic ability of Rooibos to fight cancer, protect against liver disease and boost the immune system. It’s also widely used to relieve allergies and treat digestive disorders.

Rooibos studies from South Africa show that people can enjoy optimum health benefits from drinking six cups of Rooibos tea spread throughout the day.


That's right - zero caffeine!


How many cups of Rooibos/ red tea should I drink every day?

A 2008 clinical trial (conducted by Professor Jeanine Marnewick at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology) has shown that six cups of Rooibos spread evenly throughout the day provides definite health benefits, and specifically helps to reduce oxidative stress in the body and lower the risk of heart disease.

Is it good or bad to drink more than 6 cups of Rooibos per day?

There is no evidence that drinking more than six cups of Rooibos a day can do you any harm. Just remember to spread your cups throughout the day to get the maximum health benefit.

What are antioxidants and why is it important?

Antioxidants are molecules that help stop the oxidation of other molecules that produce unstable and damaging compounds known as ‘free radicals’. Antioxidants are able to limit cell damage caused by free radicals by scavenging / deactivating them. Several studies show that Rooibos extracts contain powerful free radical scavengers to help protect cells and other important lipids (fats), proteins and genetic material (DNA) against oxidative damage. Aspalathin is the most active antioxidant in Rooibos and is found nowhere else in nature.


Zebras - We like them!

Does Rooibos stimulate appetite?

There’s no scientific evidence that Rooibos stimulates appetite. In fact, Rooibos may actually help play a role in weight management. A research project started by South Africa’s Medical Research Council in 2011 is looking at the role of Rooibos in how the body stores and breaks down fat.

What’s the best way to prepare a cup of Rooibos tea?

It’s always best to use freshly boiled water to make a really good cup of Rooibos Rocks tea. To get the best infusion, you’ll need to allow three to five minutes for the leaves to open and release their fragrance and flavour. The rule of thumb is one teabag per cup or one to two teaspoons of loose leaf tea per cup.

Does it matter if I add sugar and milk to my Rooibos? Or what about lemon and honey?

You can add sugar, honey or lemon to taste, and add milk too if you prefer. There’s no evidence that this will affect the health benefits of Rooibos.

making rooibos rocks tea

A lovely cup of Rooibos Tea


Does Rooibos have anti-aging properties?

In Japan, Rooibos is called “Long Life Tea” and is considered an anti-aging beverage. Rooibos’ anti-aging potential and proven skin protection and anti-allergenic characteristics are just some of the properties which make it very attractive to cosmetic manufacturers.

Does Rooibos cause drowsiness?

Rooibos is known for its calming properties that help you relax at night while promoting a good night’s sleep. You can drink Rooibos any time of the day and it won’t make you drowsy.

Are there any negative side effects of Rooibos?

No negative effects of Rooibos have ever been recorded.

Can Rooibos help to soothe inflamed skin?

Rooibos is widely used to help relieve eczema, acne and nappy (diaper) rash. Studies have shown that Rooibos helps soothe itchy and inflamed skin after too much sun. Pets can even benefit from a lukewarm rinse after their bath!

Is Rooibos suitable for young children?

Naturally caffeine free and rich in antioxidants, Rooibos is an ideal choice for the whole family. A favourite bed time drink in South Africa, it can be enjoyed by young and old alike. It may also help soothe infant colic and promote healthy sleep.

Is it better to drink Rooibos hot or cold?

Depending on the weather or time of day, Rooibos is great hot or as a refreshing iced tea. Either way, there are no known effects on its amazing health benefits.

How do I make a Rooibos iced tea?

Rooibos works well with fruit flavours. To make a simple and refreshing iced tea, add a little honey to a strong pot of Rooibos and stir till dissolved. Leave it in the fridge overnight and add a touch of lemon or your favourite fruit juice. Please refer to our growing list of recipes in our Blog page for other new and exciting recipes.

Does Rooibos keep well?

Cold Rooibos tea can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. Rooibos ages well and can be stored for long periods without any deterioration in quality, flavour and taste.

Are there other ways I can use Rooibos?

Rooibos is a healthy way to add flavour to smoothies and fruit shakes, soups and stews. Rooibos also makes a great base for a meat marinade and may be included in plenty of recipes, some of which well be adding to this website as and when we find them and have tried them ourselves.